Vientiane spectacular hall classic Cartier L’Odyssée de Cartier “Advanced gemology held in Beijing

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May 15, 2016, after global journey inspired pick French palace-class brands Cartier, with its latest L’Odyssée de Cartier series of fine jewelry arrived in Beijing, once again presented a Thatcher-style feast. As a pioneer of art and fine jewelry, Cartier creative footprint across time and space, all over the world, drawn by the tireless inspiration, condensate extraction into a unique Cartier style, stretching out the period of a hundred years the legendary journey.

This time Pierre arrived in Beijing with a unique design and delicate gem matching cartier love bracelet replica, presented to the viewer Vientiane magnificent style. Here, the wild passion of African land, the modern city of oriental charm and Smart kingdom Ya Wen Rundian a convergence. Among them, the Chinese characteristics of the material, design and imagery lit the emperor’s extraordinary creativity jewelry, western Deco combined with traditional oriental art of the perfect, once again sublimation Cartier inspired by the superposition of multiple combinations of style.

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