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Name: Cartier Goblet Charm Necklace in 18K Pink Gold

Chian’s Length: 46CM
Charm’s Size: 21MM X 7MM

Categorie: Cartier Necklaces

This Cartier Necklace can finished with 18k white gold plated.

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2016 Cartier patron of the arts series: Cartier Love Bracelet limited series

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Since 1992, Cartier launched the annual commemoration of patron of the arts limited series in the field of arts and culture propagation success, influential man of 2016 cartier love bracelet cartier Presents series, a tribute to the Queen of England’s greatest.

Since 1992, Cartier launched the annual patron of the arts limited series to mark in the field of arts and culture propagation success, influential man, at the same time, “Cartier Arts Patronage Award” will be the selection of the award recipients from different countries and regions. 2016 Carier Arts Patronage Award Presentation Ceremony of China is about to unveil the winners will receive a special custom latest Montblanc Patron of Art Cartier Love Bracelet Replica a limited series, as well as 15,000 Euros.


Proudly Presents the 2010 cartier cartier love series, a tribute to the Queen of England‘s greatest. Elizabeth I make every effort to make the British national power has grown, economy and culture to flourish, and the successful expansion of territory and conquer the New World, jumped from the remote island from the British Empire; and during the Queen of England toward arts and culture flourish, flourishing momentum, England Spirit is hailed as “Elizabethan” later

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Eliza Bai Youcheng court training, as was the most educated women, and love arts and culture, and therefore the United Kingdom during the reign of cultural and artistic prestige boosted, playwrights Shakespeare and Christoph • Marlowe (Christopher Marlowe), poet Shi Binsha (Edmund Spenser), was a painter Xi Liya (Nicholas Hilliard) and composer Baird (William Byrd), John • degree of blue (John Dowland) and Thales (Thomas Tallis) and other artistic talent Mingjiang, called the golden age.

There are also quite writing talent Elizabeth I, 2016 Patron of Art – cartier love with a cartier love bracelet replica and cartier love ring replica as a gift, respectively, in April 2016 and in May the market, in order to highlight the cleverness and the Queen kingly. Story art patron limited series, is the contact history with today’s art world celebrity horses; cartier Release year patron of the arts as well as issuing a limited series “cartier International Arts Patron Award” in recognition of the contribution of today’s keen to promote the development of art eminent persons .

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